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The People... 


f i t 

$ $ i 

Paut Kapfan 

Paul Kaplan: History teacher, advisor, businessman, mentor, friend. Anyone who 

has attended this high school over the past 12 years has heard something about the 

man we call "Kaps" However, it's not only the kids he affects. Teachers often refer 

to him when talking about historic dates or vocabulary because we all know his is 

unmatched. Although not everyone has had him as a teacher, most have heard about 

his outrageous teaching style. Whether it is his daily story to begin class, his crazy antics 

and anecdotes, his vivid vocabulary, his love of re-enactments sophomore raps, or 

the dreaded Dating Page, everyone knows about him somehow. However, we are 

not the only school to be graced by this great man. He has taught at Brockton High 

School (87-89), Easton Junior High (89-90), Campo Alegre in Caracus Venezuela 

(90-92), and The Massachusetts Treatment Center (Correctional Education) (92-94). 

He has been a member of the School Council, an advisor for Class (Student) Council 

and the business advisor for the Oracle (RHS Yearbook). He also was a health club 

manager for 12 years and now aspires to open his own 24 hour health club. Mr. 

Kaplan is committed to entrepreneurial achievement and academic excellence. The 

class of 2006 wishes to thank Mr. Kaplan for all of the help and advice he has 

given us over the past four years. 

Randolph High School-Oracle 

&GNDG. TOft-TftArrS 

The PedpkJhe Stories. .The Experience! 3 

Kenneth J. Allien 

"Kenny G" "K.G." 

Latin Club 9,10,11,12 
African-American 9,10,11,12 
Music Tech 10,11,12 

"God don't walk with me He carries 
me" In times of trouble he gave me 
friends and family to help me thru it. 
I thank all my friends for always be- 
ing there & I pray that God blesses u 
all! Haitienne 4 life! U betta believe it! 
Apey dat's et! 


Shivani Amin 


Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
A.R.T. 12 

Environmental Club 11 
Peerleadership 12 
Literary Magazine 9 

Best way to predict for the future 
be creative. 

Cassandra Antoine 

"Cas Cas" 

Amnesty Intl. 9,10,11,12 

Red Cross Youth Volunteer 11,12 

Literary Magazine 12 

Don't be afraid of the space between 
your dreams and reality. If you can 
dream it, you can make it so. 
- Belva Davis 

Kisandra O. Ayanbeku 

"Kassy" "TBAE" 

Basketball 9,10,11,12 

Captain 9,11,12 

MVP 9,11 
African American Club 9,12 
Class President 9 
Drama Club 11 
PowderPuff 11,12 

Believe it or not I will miss you all But shoutouts 
to my best buddy spalding lol and to the trio Ricky 
and gerrel and my girls, thanks 4 the laughs nana 
yalls be real and be safe 

Marquis Bascom 


Basketball 9 

Student Council 10,11,12 

Drama Club 12 

Farewell to all 
Live life to the fullest 
"Its not the size of the dog in the fight, 
Its the size of the fight in the dog." 
-Mark Twain 

Angel Beato 

"Papi" "A. Beatthose" 

Football 9,10,11,12 

Captain 12 
Winter Track 11,12 

African American 9, 10, 11, 12 
Latin American 10,11,12 

Chorus 9,10,11,12 
Powderpuff Coach 11,12 

"If something is worth having it is worth workn 
ing hard for" 

"Life moves fast and if you dont stop once in a while 
to look around it wil pass vou bv" 

Michael Belsky 

"Mike" "Belsky" "El Presidente" 

Crosscountry 9,10,11,12 
Winter Track' 11,12 
Baseball 9,10,11 
Spring Track 11,12 

Class Council 9,10,11,12 

Treasurer 10 

President 11,12 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 

Peer Leadership 10,11,12 

Men succeed when they realize that their failures 
are the preparation for their victories. 
-Emerson Good luck to all of the graduates and 
thank you for the memories! 

Stephen Bertoni 

SADD 11 

Amnesty International 9,10 

VP 10 

Captain 12 
Hockey 10,11,12 

Captain 11,12 

Good luck to everyone we are leaving behind 

"Live life to the fullest one day at a time" 

"you miss 100°o odf the shots you dont take" 
- Wayne Gretzky 

"R^nclnlhh 7-(i«tt Scfioof-Oracfe 

Marcia Bien-Aime 

Zape Verdean Culture Club 10 
African American Club 11,12 
Tennis 12 
yearbook Committee 12 

Hey class of 06', Congratulations! Even 
:hough I've never liked this school I've 
:ome to appreciate some of you kids, 
you know who you are and if you have 
to wander then I never liked you. 
Enjoy Life. 

Joseph Bilotta 

"Joe" "Joey" 

Basketball 9 
Winter Track 10,11,12 
Student Council 10,11,12 
Baseball 12 

Success doesnt always mean winning: 
You can still win in life without win- 
ning the game. 
- Samuel L. Jackson- 

Christina Bonanno 


Cheerleading 10,11,12 
Student Council 10,11,12 

Eboard Publicity Coordinator 
Chorus 9,11,12 

Acapella 12 
SADD 9,10,11,12 

President 12 


Peer leader 


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you 
love, the things you are, and the things you never 
want to lose. 

Sarah Bourgeois 

Life is a rollercoaster and I'm not 
strapped in maybe i should hold w r ith 
care but my hands are busy in the air 
- Incubus 

If they give you ruled paper, write the 

other way 

-Jaun Ramon Jimaiz 

Casey E. Brennan 


r ootball Varsity Cheerleading 10,11,12 

Captain 12 
3asketball Varsity Cheerleading 10,11,12 

Captain 11,12 
student Council 10,11,12 
Zlass Council 10,11,12 
.iterary Magazine 9 
'owderpuff Football 11,12 
rearbook Committee 12 
5ALS 9,10 

Ave life with no regrets. 

to my 06ers, especially my girls: I love you all! 

Richard A. Brewer III 


Student Council 9,10,11,12 
National Honor Society 11,12 
SALS 9,10 
Peer Mediation 11,12 

Out of difficulties grow miracles 
- La Bruyere 

Andrea Buono 


Student Council 9,10,11,12 

Executive Board 11 
Football Cheerleading 10,11,12 
Yearbook Committee 12 
Spanish Club 12 
Class Council 9,10,11,12 

No matter how far a person can go, the horizon is 
still way beyond you 
-Zora Neale Hurston 

Thanks for all the memories 

David John Burke 

"Dave" "Davey" "Burke" "Burkie" 

Student Council 9,10,11,12 

Executive Board Treasurer 11,12 
Class Council 9,10,11,12 
Drama Club 10,11,12 

Head Carpenter 10,11,12 

Technical Director 11 
Varsity Soccer 11,12 

Captain 12 
Track 11,12 
Yearook Staff 12 

Editor and Cheif 

Live for the moment, sieze the day, dance like no 

one is watching and do it for yourself. 


The 'People... The •Stories... The jfyfteriences 


Ferry Cadet 

"Ferra\ ■" 

African-American Club 10,11,12 

Vice President 

Peer Leadership 11,12 
National Honor Society 12 
S.A.D.D 11,12 

Vice President 
Best Buddies 11,12 
Student Council 11,12 

I hope the best for you all. 
Dream big because i know, I will. 
Much love to the class of 06. 

Waldron Callam 

Cross Country 11,12 
Just shut up and run. 

Stephanie Callejas 


Gear up 9 

College Awareness 9,10,11,12 
Varsity Swim Team 11,12 
Captain 12 

Andrew J. Campanella 


Empty your mind, be formless, shape- 
less, like water. Now you put the water 
into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put 
water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. 
You put water into a teapot, it becomes 
the teapot. Xow water can flow, or it 
can crash. Be water, my friend. 
-Bruce Lee 

Phuong Cao 

I want to say thanks to all my 
teachers that believe in me. Good luck 
to the blue devils. 

Gardie Charles 


Basketball 10 
African-American Club 
French Club 10,11,12 
Drama Club 12 


Never give up on the things that make vou smil* 
the most! 

To all my peoples it was nice to meet and get tJ 
know all of yall regardless of the up's and down' 
we been through. But of course much love to nrt 
girls. Im not gonna say names cuz yall know whi 
you guys are, one luv! Ill miss yall! "06" 

Caleb Charles 

"Calou Fresh Cat" 
Band 9 
Art 10 

Music Tech 11 
African-American Club 12 
Buisness Club 12 
Spanish Club 12 
Drama Club 12 
Poetry Club 12 

The reason that we're here is to make a lasting 
impression. Only god can judge you, so be true to 
yourself, while ill keep on being funnv, creative, 
and down to earth. 

r u serious? 

Jenny Chen 

Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Varsity Cheerleading 10 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 
Latin American Club 12 
Powderpuff Football 11,12 

Life is short, so dont waste a second. 
Live your wildest dreams and never 
regret anything. 

IZ&nclolph Tfiah Softool- Oracle 

Kyson Chow 

Crosscountry 9,11,12 
Winter Track 11 
Spring Track 9,10,11 
Asian Club 9,11,12 

Enviromental Club 12 
Math Team 12 

Carlton Christian 

Varsitv Football 9,10,11,12 

JV Basketball 9,10 

Spring Track 9 

Winter Track 11 

African American Club 9,10,11,12 

Hispanic Club 9,10 

Peer Leadership 12 

For ever>' one who exalts himself will be humbled, 
and he who humbles himself will be exalted 
-Luke 14:11 


Brandon Cohne 

Baseball 9,10 
Football 9 
French Club 9,10 

"Live everyday as if it were your 

Kelley Colbath 

Environmental Club 11,12 
Yearbook 12 

"life is short, don't waste time worrying 
about what people think of you. Hold 
on to the ones that care, in the end they 
will be the only ones there" 

Talisha Copeland 


Teacher's Aide 10,11 
Library Aide 11 

If you don't like something, change 
it. If you can't change it, change your 
attitude don't complain. 

Rashad A. Cudjoe 

"Chuch" "Cudj" "Cudjoe" 

Varsity Soccer 10,11,12 

Captain 12 
Class Council 9,10,11,12 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 

Eboard Corresponding Secretary 12 
Winter Track 10,11 

Pick-Of-The-Meet Award 
Yearbook Staff 12 

When one door closes another door opens; but 
we so often look so long and so regretfully upon 
the closed door, that we do not see the ones which 
open for us. 
- Alexander Graham Bell 

Daniella Cutone 

Joanne Janel Cyprien 

"Apple Bottom" 

Best Buddies 9 

Basketball Cheerleading 10,12 

Peer Mediation 11,12 

Peer Advisor 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Chorus 9,12 

African American Club 12 
Drama Club 12 

Life itself cannot give you joy unless you really will 
it life just gives you time and space it's up to fill it. 
We've came a long way seniors but made it. Have 
fun where ever life takes you. "06"!!! 

The 'People... The Stories... The Experiences 

Nina DaSilveira 


Softball 11 
Gymnastics 9,11,12 
Cheerleading 12 
Spanish Club 10,11,12 
Skating Club 9,10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 

Be careful what you set your heart on for it 
will surley be yours, "dont watch the clock 
do what it does keep going. Have fun next 
year. CV-4 Life. 06 

Class Of 2006 

Michela Decoteau 

"Little 1" "Midget" "Chela" 

Latin American Club 10,11,12 

Drama Club 12 

Powderpuff 12 

S.A.D.D. 12 

African American Club 12 

Don't be afraid of the space between 
your dreams and reality. If you can 
make it so. 

- Belva Davis- 

- Good Luck Class of 2006 - 

Max Delpache 

James Denis 

Football 9,11,12 

Captain 9,12 
Amnesty International 9,10,11,12 
S.A.D.D. 9,10,11,12 
Powderpuff Coach 11,12 
Mock Trial 11,12 
Peer Leadership 12 
African American 10,11 

There is no saint without a past and no sinner 
without a future -Shri Babaji 

To everyone who was with me from the start 
THANKYOU it means a lot to me. To the rest 
good bye im OUT 

- James Denis 

Natasha Davis 

Joseph O. Descartes 

"Joe" "Big Head" 

Football 9 

African-American Club 9,10,11,12 

Drama Club 12 

French Club 10 

I wish i could say it's over but its only the begin- 

"Noboy's built like you? design 


- Horn 

i thank the Doubters!! 

Sorahya Desire 

"Soy""Soy Sauce""Soy Bean" 

Drama Club 12 
African-American Club 12 
Yearbook Staff 12 
Powderpuff 12 
SADD 12 
Latin-American Club 10 

"It is better to fail in originality then 
to succeed in imitation" 

Justine M. Donahue 


10 'Randolph 7-fiafi School- Oracle 

Eric Durham 


Be cool and stay in school, don't be a 
fool, just do what you do. Whats hood 
i'm off this. 

To my hoods Bama, Snook, JJ, Ben, 
Pop, Ty, Manx, Eroll, Alex, Freddy 
P, Sauce, D, Corey. Keep ya head up, 
graduate and keep it movinag. 

Elizabeth Ejiofor 

African American Club 9,11,12 
Asian Club 12 
Spring Track 9 

No matter what will come you way, 
keep moving forward. You will eventu- 
ally reach your goal. 

Charlene Ekechukwu 

"Mz. Chizzle" 

African American Club 


Amnesty International 


Drama Club 12 

Literary' Club 12 

Powderpuff 12 

S.A.D.D. 12 

Yearbook Staff 12 

"Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams 
and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it 
so." -Belva Davis 

Stay at the top of the mountain where the sky's the 
limit. Don't stay at the bottom of the mountain and 
allow your eyesight to be limited, -own 

Jamaal Eversley 


Literary Magazine 9,10,11,12 

Basketball 9 

Randy Award: English 11 

"I got through High School 
staying calm and cool." - J. Evs 

stay fresh from the floor up. 

Eric Every 

Band 9,10,11,12 
Math Team 10,11,12 
Drama Guild 10,11,12 

"Not everything that can be counted 
counts and not everything that counts 
can be counted." - Einstein 

Cynthia Fabien 


Varsity Cheerleading 10,11,12 

Captain 12 
Student Council 9,11,12 
S.A.D.D. 11,12 
Peer Mediation 12 
Peer Leadership 11,12 

Yearbook Staff 12 
Powderpuff 11,12 

Our greatest glory is not in ever failing, but rising 
everytime we fail. - Ralph W. Emerson 

Nuriman Faris 

"Iman" "Faris" "Nunu" "Nemo" 
"Emu" "Buddy" "I-Man" 

Drama Club 11,12 
Literary Magazine 10 
Literary Poetry Contest 

"You're searching [foe] for things that 
don't exist; I mean beginnings. Ends 
and beginnings - there are no such 
things. There are only middles." 
- Robert Frost 

Jean Fedna 


Football 9 

Track and Field 10 

French Club 11 

African American Club 9,10,11,12 

Drama Club 12 

Never say "God I have a problem" say 
"Problem I have God." 

"To my fellaz Chris, Rick and Marc 
keep your head up." 

The "People. . , The Stories. . , The 'fyheriences 1 1 

Amanda Lyn Felix 


Watertech 9,10 
Gymnastics 9,10 
Varsity Softball 9,10,12 
African American Club 11,12 
Track 10 
Powderpuff 11,12 
JV Football 11 
Cheerleading 12 

7:20 means nothing now! boo ya 

old problem don't exist, it's a new beginning bring 

on college! 

Cristina J. Figueroa 

Powder Puff 12 

"There's not enough time to be disrt* is to short" 
- Mary J. Blidge 

I give my love to everyone who stayed 
with me through it all. Beans, Naru 
Jojo...My real friends who stuck b 1 ' 
always faithful, true friends y'all neve* 
be forgotton 
Best of luck to the class of 2006 

Alexandria Fils 

Football Cheerleading 10,11,12 

Captain 12 
Basketball Cheerleading 10,11,12 

Captain 12 
Student Council 10,11,12 
Peer Leadership 11,12 
SAAD 11 

We cant change the direction of the wind, but we can 
adjust our sails to alwasy reach our destinations 
-Jimmy Dean 

Thanks for everything mom! 

'06 God Bless and have fun next year 

John Gately 

Varsity Soccer 10 

Student Council 9,10,11,12 

National Honor Society 10,11,12 


Class Council 9,10,11,12 

"Success usually comes to those who 
are to busy to look for it" 
- Thoreau 

Nakeisha Gervais 


Cheerleading 9 

Basketball 10 

Drama Club 11,12 

African American Club 9,10,11,12 

Powderpuff 11,12 

What we are is Gods gift to us what 
we become is our gift to God 

Eric Gladstone 

Tennis 9,10,11,12 
League All Star 10,11 

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find 
the harder I work the more I have of 
it." Thomas Jefferson 

Willie Glover Barboza 


Basketball 9 

African American Club 9,10,11,12 

Spanish Club 10,11 

Chess Club 9,10,11 

Winter Track 9,10 

Can I live . . . ? 

Tayla Grande 

"Tmac" "Tay" 

Class Council 9,10,11,12 

Class Secretary 10,11 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 

Eboard Recording Secretary 12 
JV Softball 10 
Varsity Softball 11,12 
Powderpuff 11,12 
Yearbook Staff 12 

"It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's 
right. I hope you had the time of your LiFE." 

- Green Day 
Good luck to everyone. I <3 you! atLs-Tz&Jm 
Ab Cb Ag Cb Lm Jm Nd Af Cf Mb Rb Jg Re Jb Ps 
RwDbGmPlOl summer crew 05 & 06 .. . 

12 'Randolph 7/iah School- Oracle 

Antonio Gomes 

Jaqueline Grandoit 

"Jackie" "Jax" 

Literary Magazine 9,12 
Amnesty International 9 
African American Club 10 
Peer Leadership 12 
Drama Club 12 

A true love story never ends 

Chanel Groomes 

Alanah L. Grossman 

Swim Team 9,10,11,12 

Captain 12 
SALS 9,10 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 

Executive Board 10,11,12 
National Honor Society 10,11,12 
Yearbook Staff 12 
PTSO 11,12 
French Club 11,12 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, 
live the life you've imagined" 
- Thoreau 

Christopher Guillaume 


Football 9 

African American Club 
French Club 10,11,12 
Drama Club 12 


Submit to God and be at piece with 
Him in this way prosperity will come 
and to you -Job 21:20 

Rafana Haque 

Asian Club 9,10,11 
Environmental Club 9,10 
Yearbook Committee 12 
A.R.T. 12 

"Living a destiny written by tradition" 
- Breaking away to be myself. 

Desi Pride! Don't hate. 

Derrick Harper 


Basketball 9,11,12 

Captain 12 
African American Club 
Student Council 11,12 
Drama Club 12 
Football 9 
Literary Newspaper 12 


John Hawkins 


Swim Team 10,11,12 

Student Council 10,11,12 
GSA 10,11,12 
French Club 9,10,11,12 
Class Council 12 

Class Treasurer 12 
Shakespeare Ensemble 9,10,11,12 

To all my friends, 

Thank you for being who you are, and for helping 
me become who I am. 

The 'Peopfe. . . The Stories. . . The 'Experiences 1 3 

^B^k». '^H 

Pffcp^ ^ 

H v iy^^Hk 



1 *'- • ^t ^^^ 

' ' ^1 

' ~~ / ^y 

|H i 


| J 

/ Br-*d 

1 ' 

k A * 1 


A" *i ^fl fcft 



Jt ^. Ss»^ 

IBBlT* ^E^^l 


** kJtcwl 

— 'AxbDQqv 

M . ; ;• - Jk HZ 

• • 

Brandon Joseph 

"Big Brandon" "Big B" "B" "Big" 

Football 9,10,11,12 

Patriot League AU-Star 
Basketball 9.10,11,12 
Spring Track 10 

African .American Club 9,10,11,12 
QessOub U 

Coming to this school has made a lot of memo- 

06 baby, we finally made it!! I'll miss all of you 
guys. Good luck in your future. Expect to see me 
on ESPN! Im out va'll 


Vladimir Joseph 


Football 9,10,11,12 

Captain 9 
Track & Field 10 

Always do right. This will gratify sorl 
people and astonish the rest. 
- Mark Twain - 

Brian Josey 


African American Club 10,11 
Hip-Hop Club 11,12 
Amnesty International 11 

"Do or do not, there is no try" 

and mama keep praying and keep beliesing and 
Jesus and one day that we see him, The devil is 
alive i feel him breathing claiming money is the 
key so keep on dreaming! 
-Kanve West 

Vasileios Kanellis 


Soccer 9,10,11,12 

MVP 11 

Captain 12 
Baseball 9 

Soccer is more than a game, its my 
second family 

Mikaila Katramados 

"Mikk" "KK" 

Cheerleading 9,10,11,12 
Yearbook Staff 12 
Class Council 11,12 
SADD 10,11,12 
Drama Club 10,11 
ACapeUa 12 
Concert Choir 11,12 

"Hope sees the invisible, feels the 
intangable and achieves the 

Peter Lam 

Tennis 9,10,11,12 
A.R.T. 9,10,11,12 
Tutoring Program 11,12 
Honor Society 11,12 

"Learn as if you will live forever. Live 
as if you will die tomorrow." 

Kayla A. Kiley 

"Ability may get you to the top, bi 
takes character to keep you there" 

Thanks to my family and friends f or aj 
your support and most especially thos 
who said i wouldn't make it. 

Jacqueline Le 


Varsity Tennis 10,11,12 
Varsity Swimming 10 
Environmental Club 9,10,11,12 

Amnesty International 9,10,11,12 
Literary Magazine 9,10 
National Honor Society 11,12 
Golf 12 

Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the 
courage to continue that counts. 

16 'Rpndofhti 7-(iqt) School-Oracle 

Class of 2006 

Zachary Lee 


LsianClub 9,10,11,12 

LR.T. 12 

Winter Track 9,10,11,12 

pring Track 9,10 

ennis 11,12 

tudent Council 10,11 

Jever give up. Push your limits. 

Melissa Lef evre 

Football Cheerleading 11,12 

Spring Track 11 

African American Club 9,12 

Drama Club 12 

French Club 12 

Powderpuff 12 

Spanish Club 11,12 

Peer leadership 12 

SADDClub 12 

Dare 2 dream you 2 can make a 
difference. -M.L- 

Christopher Leung 


Tennis 9,10,11,12 

National Honor Society 11,12 

Cross Country 9,12 

Swimming 11 

A.R.T. 9,10,11,12 

Environmental Club 9,10,11,12 

Treasurer 11 
SALS 9,10 

"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character 

to keep you there" 
- John Woooden 

Gandhi Lisieux 

Your name 

I wrote your name in the sky, 
but the wind blew it away. 
I wrote your name in the sand, 
but the waves washed it away. 
I wrote your name in my heart, 
and forever it will stay. 

Midori Lisieux 

sen Acivities Club 9 

est Buddies 10 

frican American Club 11 

ulture Day 11 

occer 12 

n the end, we will remember not the 
ords of our enemies, but the silence 
: our friends." 
Martin Luther King Jr. 

Orlando Lopez Jr. 

Football 9,10,11,12 

Offensive Player Award 11 

Captain 12 
Winter Track 11,12 
SADD 9,10 
Latin American Club 10,11,12 

Raymond Lore 



"Ra Ra Ray" "Rayzone" 


"Pat" "Patty Mayonnaise" 


Hockey 9,10,11,12 
Captain 12 


Hockey 9,10,11,12 

Baseball 9,10,11 

Soccer 10,11,12 

Soccer 10,11,12 
Captain 12 

Captain 12 

Student Council 11,12 

Strive for success, and be hungry. 

The Weekend Tragedy 

"You miss 100% of the 

shots you don't take" 

-Wayne Gretzky 

"Hockey is life!" -Me 

"I'm tired of following my dreams. I'm gonna ask 

where they're going and meet up with them later" 

-Mitch Hedburg 

Tfie IPeohfe. . . "The Stories. . . The TzMeriences 1 7 

Hilary A. MacDonald 


Gymnastics 9,11,12 
Softball 9,11,12 
Cheerleading 11,12 
Powderpuff 11,12 
African American Club 11,12 
Spanish Club 11,12 

Hold onto yourself 06. Sweatpants and 
lunch. To the girls, we had fun didn't 
we? TY Pat. 

Grace A. Mamo 

"Grade" "Mamo" 

You will live in torment if u do not tnJ 
enough, but you may be decievecj 
you trust too much, first id like 2 tha^ 
god 4 allowing me 2 do this everyd-t 
To my mom who's always been ther 
me, w/o u i couldn't do this i luv u. 
anyone who was there 4 me thru ri 
ups and downs, and to the haters w 
motivate me to keep going. 

Redgvah Matheus 

"Vavah" "Reggie" 

African American Club 9,10,11,12 
Chorus 9,10,11,12 
Powder Puff 12 
Track 12 
Tennis 12 

"I can do all things through Christ who 
strengthens me" 
Pilippians 4:12 

"Forby Him all things werecreated... He isbefore all 
things, and in Him all things hold together." 
Col. 1:15-17 

I Love You Carlton 

Jennie Mathew 

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live 
as if you'll die today." to all my family 
and friends, I love you all. Good luck 
class of '06 

Jocelyn Mauro 

"jMO" "Joss" "Jocie" 

Cheerleading 9,10,11,12 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 

President 12 

Vice President 11 
Class Council 9,10,11,12 

Vice President 10 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Yearbook Staff 12 

Here's to the nights I'll always remember with the 
friends I'll never forget -to all my friends you know 
who you are - 143 


Wm K 






Lisa Marie Mavillia 

Football Cheerleading 9,10,11,12 

Captain 11,12 
Basketball Cheerleading 9,10,11,12 

Captain 12 
French Club 9,11 
Yearbook Staff 12 
Student Council 11 
Powder Puff 11,12 

You only live once but if you live like us once | 
enough- CLASS OF '06 

i love my girls -CB,HM,HS.AB.AF.TG 1 

Christopher Mcarthy 

Hockey 10 

"Never give up because nothing is 

Ebony McDowall 

"Ebonix" "E-Bone" 

Cheerleading 10,11,12 
African American Club 12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Drama Club 12 

"Dont put off till tomorrow what you can do 
today"- My Mommy 

We finally made it!!! 

Holla 06' runs dis! 

Good Luck to all my classmates. Be true and do 

vou forever. 



18 fipndolhh 7-(iah Scftoof-Omcle 


Class Of 2006 

Calvin G. McDowell 

xcer 10,11,12 
.jotball 9 

frican American Club 11 
indent Council 10,11 

Tatiana Mendes 

Michael McGurk 


If you don't remember what I look 
like, good for you, it's the first step 
to recovery. 


Daniel Michael Messia 


Soccer 9,10,11,12 

Captain 12 

MVP 10,12 
Winter Track 10,11,12 
Baseball 9,10,11 

JV Captain 
Sring Track 12 
National Honor Society 11,12 

Student Council 10,11,12 
Class Council 10,11,12 

"Always remember to play after even' storm." 
Thanks for all the great times. Good luck Class 
of 2006! 

Nicole Messina 

"Nikki" "Hullie" 

tball 9,10,11 


Coaches Award 
vironmental Club 9 
orus 9,10,11,12 
nchClub 9 

onies never say die! 

e by side or miles apart, friends are always 
se to the heart. 

ile like vou mean it. 

Cynthia Mirville 


Acapella Choir 12 
African American Club 10,12 
Concert Choir 9,10,11,12 
Yearbook Staff 12 
Basketball 9,11,12 

Senior year has just ended and we look 
back on the moments we shared. Cher- 
ish each moment because now life is just 
beginning. Miss you class of 06 

Jennifer Mitchell 

Soccer 9,10,11,12 

Coaches Award 
Environmental Club 


"Fill what's empty, empty what's full, 
and scratch where it itches." 

Katrina Monkarsh 

"Treene" "Trina" "Kitty" "Kay" 

Amnesty International 10,11,12 
Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Environmental Club 9,10,11,12 

French Club 9,11,12 

Mock Trial 11,12 

SALS 9,10 
Softball 10,11,12 

JV Captain 

Coaches Award 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 
Yearbook Staff 12 

The Veohle... The Stories... The r fyheriemes 


Arlene Monteiro 

Philip Newcomb 

"Big PoPPa Newks" 

Hockey 12 

"To be successful is not to succeed b 
to live your life to the fullest" Owj 
Congrats 06. Special thanx to my mc 
and dad I love you guys. Shoutouts 
Bryan and Pat, you guys are my bo 
for life. Godfathers da Caprice chilli 
with my boys Captain Rubil and Bv 
Jigga Man Allen CT 8 22 88 "06" 

Christopher Ng 

Student Council 9,10 
Class Council 9,10 

President 10 
Tennis 11,12 
Gymnastics 9,10,11 
Swimming 9,10,11 
Martial Arts 9,10,11,12 
Civil Air Patrol 10,11,12 
Asian Club 9,10,11,12 

Its been a great couple of years 
together, but now our destinations 
await, make your dreams reality 

Davis Nguyen 

Asian Club 11,12 
Environmental Club 9,11,12 
Math Team 11,12 
Winter Track 11 

"A poem from the heart is like a song 
from nature." -me 
"I'm just lazy!" ~ me 
"I'm viet and my name is viet" 
Wishes in the sky, wishes up high, 
from people far and wide; I'll follow 
my dreams until the day I die. NEVER 

Le Nguyen 

Amnesty International 9,10,11,12 

Silence is golden. 

Torey Niles 

"T-Hack" "Mr.T" 

Basketball 9,10,11,12 
Football 9,11 

High school is a soap opera. 

Bye Ms. Soufy and Bighead Mrg 01 
Ballas Baby 

Jessica Nunez 


Drama Club 12 
Chorus 11,12 

I don't remember how we happened 
to meet each other. I don't remember 
who got along with whom first. All I 
can remember is you and I together.... 

Nikki and Pookie BFF'S!!! 

Felix Nwaobasi 


Math Team 11,12 
African American Club 
Class Council 12 


"I come through fresh, man (freshman) 
like I'm in the ninth grade" - Felix 

22 'Randolph 7-fiak •Scftoof-Omcfe 

Gerrel Olivier 

jotball 9 
US 9,10 
ational Honor Socety 11,12 


President 12 
athTeam 9,10,11,12 
enchClub 9,10,11,12 
ind 9,10 
?nnis 9,10,11,12 

Captain 11,12 
frican American Club 12 
rsity Basketball 12 

npossible is not in my vocabulary... 

Patrick Oyede 

"P-Man" "Crusher P" 

Soccer 9,10,12 

Patriot League All Star 12 
Student Council 10 
African American Club 10,11,12 
Spring Track 10 

It is no sin to attempt and fail. The only 
sin is not to make the attempt. 

Shayla-Sharee Parkes 


Basketball 9 
Track & Field 11 

Determination and perserverance 
move the world, thinking that others 
will do it for you is a sure way to fail. 

Daniel Pasquantonio 


Football 9,10,11,12 

Captain 12 
Baseball 9,10,11,12 

Captain 12 
Powderpuff Coach 11,12 
Drama Club 12 

"God give us grace to accept with serenity the 
things that cannot be changed, courage to change 

the things that should be changed, and the wisdom 
to distinguish the one from the other." 

Amitabahen Patel 


ianClub 9,10,11,12 

vironmental Club 10,11 

R.T 12 

ok Award 

ernational Culture Exchange 9,10 

>nly a life lived for others, is a life worthwhile" 
Albert Einstein 

you don't like something, change it. If you can't 
inge it, change your attitude." 

Richard Paul 

Football 9,10 
Basketball 9,10,11,12 
African- American Club 10,11,12 
Latin-American Club 11,12 
Track 9 

"Do you and make yourself happy" 

" Follow your heart if you beleive it 
and trust it" 

Ricardo J. Perceval 


African American Club 10,11,12 
French Club 10,11 
Environmental Club 9,10 
Drama Club 12 

Brenda Phan 

'Brenda My Frienda' 

Yearbook Staff 12 
A.R.T 12 

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in '06 baby! Keep livin' it Up! See y'all 
imitation." Herman Melville on top. 

"The reason most major goals are not achieved is 
chat we spend our time doing second things first." 
Robert J. McKain 

The feohle. , , The Stories. . . The 'fyheriences 23 

Class of 2006 

Paul Ricardo Philatre 

"Ricky" "Giant" 

Basketball 9,10,11,12 

African American Club 9,10,11,12 
Math Team 11,12 
Track and Field 9 
French Club 9,12 

Remember me for something other 
than my height. 


Shona Pickett Jacksor 

Basketball 11 
Best Buddies 11,12 
Randy Award 11 

Thanks to my family, friends and tea 
ers for supporting me, giving me j 
advice and helping me to focus in cl, 
Thanks for coming to my games and 
the Randy Awards. You all mean a 1* 
to me. Mr. L why is it so complicat 
Good luck next vear seniors! 

Farah Diane Pierre 


Track and Field 11 
Cheerleading 11 
Basketball 10 
Wrestling Manager 11 
African American Club 9,10,11 
French Club 11 
Chess Club 11 
Chorus 9 

"Whatever doesn't kill you just makes you 

"Never promise tomorrow because tomorrow is 
not promised." 

Mcyveton Pierre Louis 


Football 9,10,11,12 
Basketball 9,10,11,12 
Baseball 9,10,11,12 
African- American Club 


"For i can do everything with the 
help of Christ who gives me the 
stregth i need" 
- Philippians 4:13 

Marc Simon Pitler 

"Pitler" "Zelda" 

Student Council 9,10,11,12 
Shakespeare 9,10,11,12 
Drama Club 9,10,11,12 
Senior Video 12 

"only the phoenix rises and does not decend. 
everthing changes but nothing is truly lost" 
-Neil Gaiman (The Sandman) 

"I'm not even supposed to be here today" 

Eric Porter 

Golf 9 

Math Team 11,12 

"It ain't over till it's over" 
-Yogi Berra 

Meliza Prieto 


Amnesty International 9,10,11,12 

President 10 

Vice President 9,11,12 
Latin American Club 10,11,12 

President 12 

Vice President 10,11 
Softball 11 
Enviommental Club 9 

we ha ve come a long way d uring the past four years 
big mistakes were made and a lot of growingup was 
done, but if i had the chance, I would do it all over 
again with the class of 2006 

Daniel Prostak 

Gymnastics 11 
Asian Club 11,12 
A.R.T. 12 
Enviormental Club 12 

I will always hold memories of this 
place, but im glad to be gone. I will 
miss all of my friends and good luck 
to you all 

"Life is a never ending search for its 
own existence " 

24 'Randolph 7-iiah School- Oracle 

Aurora Quispe 


2ver leave someone that you love, 
>r someone you like, because the one 
! ho you like could leave you for the 
ne they love 

Jose Quispe 


only those who risk going too far can 

possibly how far one can go 


Kaitlyn Ramey 

SADD 11,12 
Photography Club 12 

" If no one ever took risks, Michangelo 
would have painted the sistine floor." 
- Neil Simon 

Iliana Giselle Ramirez 

"Yanna" " Illy" 

Latin American Club 10,11,12 

President 10,11,12 
Student Council 11 
Cheerleading 10 

"Love when you can, cry when you have to. Be 
who you must. That part of a plan , that awaits 
your arrival with simple survival and one day we 
will all understand" - Dan Fogelberg 

Class of 2006 will always be in my heart dreams 
and prayers thanks4 it all!! 

Asha Ramsey 

"Ash, Ashmont, Ashizz" 

isketball 9,10 
jwderPuff 11,12 
frican American Club 11,12 
rama Club 12 

;arn from yesterday, live for today, 
)pe for tomorrow (an on). 

Kelly Rateau 


Honor Roll 

The truth is hidden by doors if you open 
one there, is another in front of it. 

Teyanna Rice 

African American Club 9,10,11,12 
Peer Mediation 10,11,12 
SADD 11,12 
Best Buddies 11,12 

Love isn't about finding the perfect 
person it's about seeing an imperfect 
person perfectly. 

Don't watch the clock do what it does, 
keep going. 

-Sam Levenson 

Khari Rigueur 


African American Club 
SALS 9,10 
Photography Club 11 

Things are changing, we're growing 
apart. It's not goodbye but a change in 
heart. The road we've traveled was just 
a start, I'm sure we'll meet again. 
-Bryce Burkhart 

Good luck 2 every 1 of 2006!! 

The 'Peopfe... The stories... The 'fyhi 

>eriences 25 

Henry John Rodrigues 

"H.J., Hack, Portugal, Joseph, Howie" 

Soccer 9,10,11,12 

Varstiy 12 

JV Coach Award 11 

Captain 11 
Track 10 
Football 9 
Band 9 

Student Council 10,11,12 
Math Team 11,12 

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can 
always adjust my sails to reach my destination. 

Mikayla Rush 

"Mikk, Makk" 

Maybe life was suposed to be this vn 
staying up all night, sleepovers wi<| 
the girls who you can tell everythii ; 
to and know they'll never leave yo « 
side, tears for the ones you lost, smil * 
for those still here, parties, laughing tl 
night away, and the best part is, there- 
still tomorrow. 

Congradulations class of 06'! 

Richard Sandoval 

"Victor (Mexican)" 

Every man is a darn fool for at least five 
minutes every day; wisdom consists in 
not exceeding the limit. 

Preetam Sen 

Soccer 9,10,11,12 

Coach Award 

Most Improved 
Backetball 9 
Baseball 10 
Track 11,12 

Best Nick-Name 
Student Council 11,12 

I never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death. 
-Nasir Jones 

Lamesha Shackelford 

Chenise Singleton 

"Louis, Nisi" 

SALS 9,10 

Student Council 10,11,12 

Vice President 11 
Cheerleading 12 
SADD 10 

Environmental Club 9,10 
Student Representative 

Senior Representative 

The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is nc 
hate them but to be indifferent to them: that's 
essence of inhumanity. 

Good luck guys! 06! 

Geraldine Soto 


Blue and White Banner 12 
Latin American Club 10,12 

Even when they are expecting you to 
fail, never give up. Instead, push forth 
and succeed. There is no greater feeling 
than proving someone wrong. 

Allan Sousa 


Track 9,11 
Football 9 
Basketball 9,10,12 
Spanish Club 12 

"life moves pretty fast, if you don't 
stop to look around once in a while 
you could miss it." 
-Ferris Bueller 

28 'R&ndolhh T-dan School-Oracle 

Diane Tan 

eer Leadership 11,12 
earbook 12 
Business Manager 

/e gain strength, and courage, and 
onfidece by each experience in 
I'hich we really stop to look fear in 
iie face... do the things you think you 
innot do. 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Jessica F. Tangar 


African American Club 9,10,11,12 
SADD 11,12 

Treasurer 12 
Class Council 11,12 
Basketball 9,10 
Yearbook Staff 12 
Varsity Cheerleading 12 
Powder Puff 11,12 

Never let your doubt blind your goals for 
your future lies in your ability, not your 


Emanuel Texeira 

Football 11,12 
Basketball 11,12 
Spring Track 11,12 
Spanish Club 11,12 
African American Club 12 

Class of 06 Ha we finally made it took 
long but we came through, good luck 
to everyone I'm off that. Big up to all 
my CAPE VERDEAANS, do all thing 
and everyone else make it out of here 
too. Other than that I'm out 1. 

Greg Toussaint 

Basketball 9,10 

African- American Club 9,10,11,12 

Hispanic Club 10,11,12 

Spring Track 10,11 

Winter Track 10,11 

"Everyone thought it was over 
but it's not, prepare yourself for a 
journey(life) " 

Anh Tran 

"Little Anh" 

\LS 9 
uCo 9 
R.T. 9,10,12 
sianClub 9,10,11 
nvironmental Club 9,10,11,12 

ive life to the fullest. Don't regret 

Khoa Tran 

Gymnastic 10,11,12 
Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Student Council 9,10,11,12 
Amnesty International 9,10,11,12 

"Sometimes the people we meet will change us 

"Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth." - 

"For even,' minute you are angry you lose sixty 
seconds of happiness. -Emerson 

Vu Tran 


To be misunderstood can mean one 
of two things, total insanity, or pure 
genius. -Vu Tran 

Knowledge is one of the only things 
that you can share indefinitely but still 
have the same amount afterwards, 
knowledge and love, -unknown 
....Affections are never wasted 
-Fortune Cookie 

Henry Transtamar 


Success is such a valueable thing take 
advantage of it because if you do you 
will have greate accomplishments. 

The 'People. . . The Stories. . . The Tjtheriences 29 

Thomas Trull 

Crosscountry 9,10,11,12 

Patriot League All Star 10,11,12 

All-Scholastic 11,12 

Captain 11,12 
Winter Track 9,10,11,12 

Patriot League All Star 10,11,12 

All-Scholastic 11,12 

Captain 11,12 
Baseball 9,10,11,12 

All Star 11,12 

All-Scholastic 11,12 

Captain 11,12 
Teachers of Tomorrow 12 

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice 
the gift - Steve PreFontaine 

Ngoc Truong 

Japan Bowl 10,11 
Asian Club 9,10,11,12 
Environmental Club 12 
A.R.T. 12 

"Hope is important because it 
make the present moment lessdiffi 
to bear. If we believe that tomori 
will be better, we can bear a hards 

"Smile, breathe and go slowly" 

Anita J. Tse 

A.R.T. 11,12 

Environmental Club 11,12 
Shakespeare Ensemble 10,12 
French Club 11 
Asian Club 10,11 
Photography Club 12 
Drama Club 12 
Tutoring Program 12 

"Always remeber you're unique, just 
like everyone else." 

Christopher Veiga 

Baseball 9,10,11,12 
Basketball 9,11,12 
Football 9 

Spanish Club 9,10,11,12 
African American Club 12 
Drama Club 12 

Shout outs to the crew. 
"It gets tedious but I keep 1 eye open 
like CBS" 

"I choose my own fate I saw a fork in 
the road and went straight." 

Telma Viega 

NHS 11 

Peer Mediator 11 
Swimming and Dive 12 
Drama Club 12 
Spanish Club 12 

Primarily I would like to thank God for the strenght 
and courage to overcome all the challenges. Second 1 v 
I would like to thank my parents, my brother Perry, 
my teachers and all of my friends for the love 

and support. 


Charline Vertil 

Nastassia Vil 

Melody Wan 

"Mel" "Mel-neesan" 

Swirnming 9,10,11,12 
Asian Club 11,12 
Enviornmental Club 11,12 
Drama Club 12 
A.R.T. 12 

You know how everyone says that 
the quiet people are always the crazv 
ones? well, they're right, because i'm 
one of them 

30 'R&ndolhh T-liak School-Oracle 

Phillip Wan 


.ianClub 9.10,11,12 
iviommental Club 9,10 
itional Honor Society 11,12 
nnis 11,12 
inter Track 10 

here are two tragedies in life, one is not enough to 
t your hearts desires, the other is to get it." 
eorge B. Shaw 

\*) <( A . A )> ( AA )> 

■neber '06 

Aimee Whynot 

"Aims, Aimster" 

Peer Leadership 10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 

We say hello and make new friends 
but one day we might say goodbye and 
never see them again so say see you 
later so you don't lose touch because if 
you do you will miss too much. 

Andrea Wilczynski 

Environmental Club 11,12 
SADD 11 
Photographv 11,12 
A.R.T 11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Band 9,10,11,12 

Only when we are no longer afraid do 
we begin to live. 

-Dorothy Thompson 

Roxanne Wilson 

" Roxy, Foxy Roxy, Baby Girl" 

Drama Club 11,12 

African American Club 9,10,11,12 

SADD 11,12 

Student Council 11,12 
Best Buddies 11,12 
Photography Club 11 

A true friend, good advice and education are some 
of the greatest gifts in life you can recieve to help 
achieve your goals. 


Desmond Wong 

IanClub 9,10,11,12 

nnis 9,11,12 
uironmental Club 9,10 
•oss Country 9 
\im Team 11 
AL.S 9 
udent Council 9,10,11 

Tian Xu 

Jillian Wong 

Environmental Club 9,10,11,12 
Amnesty International 9,11,12 
Asian Club 9,10,12 
A.R.T. 12 

What you need to know about the past 
is that no matter what has happened, it 
has all worked together to bring you to 
this moment. And this is the moment 
you can choose to make everything 
new. Right now. 

Talia Jade Zamanian 

"Ta Ta" 

S.A.L.S 9 
Cheerleading 10 
Student Council 10,11,12 
Drama Club 10,11,12 
LAC 11,12 
Class Council 10,11,12 

Treasurer 11 

Vice President 12 

"You must be the change you want to see in the 


Be your own change. Never forget friends that made 
memories & nights that had no end. ATLS 

The 'People, . , The Stories. . . The 'fyfjeriences 31 

Rebecca Zamansky 


A.R.T. 9 

Drama Club 10 

Yearbook 12 

Peer Leadership 10,11,12 

"It is never easy to keep reaching for 
dreams. Strength and courage can 
sometimes be lonely friends but those 
who reach, walk in Stardust." 

Obina David 

"The Artist" 
African- American Club 12 

Naomi Zepher 


Cheerleading 10,12 

Drama Club 12 

Powder Puff 12 

Afrianca American Club 12 

Chorus 12 

Peer Leadership 12 

Verse to live by Luke 9:24 Jesus said, "For whc 
wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever 1 
his life for me will save it." 

Class of '06' We run this!!!! 

Wladimir Adonis 

Basketball 11 
Spanish Club 10,11 

It is not how much you do but how 
much love you put in the doing 

back then they didnt want me now im 
hott they all on me 


Derek Carney 


Basketball 9 

shot out to everyone in my crew NF1 's 
for life 

What up Air and State Capz 

Keep an eye out for me 

Im off...l 

Kristen Malcom 

Soccer 12 
Softball 12 
Basketball 9,10,12 
Powderpuff 11,12 

When tears fall, or the happy smile 
spreads across our face.. .We'll coma 
to each other, because no matter 
where this world takes us nothing 
will stop us from being who we are. 
We are the class of 2006 best 
memories, good luck 

Mateo Olivenza 

Rachel Wiesel 

32 Randeiph High Sch&vl-Oracle 


Class of 2006 

Benjamin Cheng 

Shayna Cohen 

Michael Eisner 

Joshua Hunt 


Tony Lu 

Authur Mbengam 

Jonathan Ng 

Anythony Nguyen 

The Peepte.Jhe SfvneL.The Experience! 33 

Gilbert Sicard 

Pictures Unavailable 

Shirley Barranco 
Pierre Charles 
Donald David 

Zi Li Deng 

Cameron Ellis 

Lorenzo Gayle 

Theodore Hardmon 

Sarah Jeune 

Keshia Joachim 

Quoc Ngo 
David Olonkwo 
Jaheel Robinson 


^anaomfi TJiqh School-Oracle 


AAMiA\t&kaiidi\ % Pkcx% 

7"/)5 < Peoh(e.,.The Stories... The 'Experiences 


Administration and Faculty 

Randolph School Commitee 


'Rfmdofhh 7-dafi School- Oracle 

Administration and Faculty 

Office Staff 

Mr. Robert A. Tohnson 


Randolph Public Schools 

Randolph High School 
70 Memorial Parkway 
Randolph, MA 02368-4599 

Richard H. Silverman, EdD. 

Superintendent of Schools 

Phone: 711-961-6204 

Fax: 781-961-6293 

Email: rsilvermaD[a)jan< 

To the Class of 2006: 

Robert A. Johnson 


Phone: 781-961-6220 

Fax: 781-961-6235 

Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell observed that There are no secrets to 
success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. " As a 
member of the Class of 2006, each of you has undoubtedly employed this formula in 
order to complete successfully the requirements needed to earn your high school 

Your efforts during the past four years have helped to mould you into a person of 
strength and character. Your spirit and determination have had a significant effect on 
our school. From the individual honors you have received to the collective success your 
class has had, you have brought respect and honor to the Randolph community. We 
are proud to call you graduates of Randolph High School. 

As you continue through your journey of life, remember the advice of Eleanor 
Roosevelt, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ' 

Congratulations and best of luck in all of your endeavors. 



Robert A. Johnson 

Tfie 1?eof)fe...Tfte Stories... The "fyheriemes 


Administration and Faculty 


Aiello, Stephanie 


Allamdjian,Veron Alexander-Ellis, Mary Ann Anorve, Sara 


Baker, Doug 

Burke, Jeff 

Butler, Daniel 

Carlton, Kevin 

Carter, Debbie 

Chui, Elaine 



Ciccketti, Kimberly 

Colosi, Skip 

Cotton, Joe 

II lira! ifHI 

Cribby, Jennifer 

Culhane, Kathv 


'Rpndofhfi Wiat) Scftoof-Oracfe 

Administration and Faculty 

Ms. Michelle K. Stauss 


Ervick, Kristin 

Fancher Kellev, Kim 

Foley, Joanne 

Georgopoulos, Constantine 

Tfte People... The Stories... The jfyf>> 



Administration and Faculty 



Gioni, Natalia 

Graham-Gaynor, Elaine Grilli, Ed 

Hahn, Ellen 

Liatsos, Kenna 

Lovely, Kathy 

MacVane, Heath 

Marsigliano, HuiXing 


Hnndoihk 7-dat) Schoof-Qmcfe 

Administration and Faculty 

Ms. Wanda Speede 

Acting Vice Principal 

zz.\ 1 


Randolph High School /jj> 
70 Memorial Parkway fl? 

Randolph Public Schools ""^p"- "* «***»» W 


Richard H. Silverman. E<LD. Michelle Stauss 
Supermleodent of Schools Acting Principal 
Phone: 7S1-961-6204 Phone: 711-961-6220 
Fc- 7SI-961-629S Fax: 781-961-6235 


Dear Members of the Class of 2006, 

I am pleased to acknowledge and congratulate you on this occasion of your high school graduation. Throughout 
high school, you have been learning bow to learn successfully in new settings and under new conditions. You will 
use all that you have learned about hard work, character, responsibility and sacrifice as you move into the new, 
exciting and challenging chapters of your life. 

Randolph High School represents a uniquely diverse learning community. The Class of 2006 has demonstrated 
that diversity is a valuable community attribute that enriches the educational and social dimensions of our lives. 
You have accomplished this by respecting yourselves and others. It is my hope that each of you will go off to 
college or other next steps willing to demonstrate to others how to live and learn respectfully and effectively with 
people who are different from them. 

1 have been so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you and on your behalf this year. I will 
remember your beautiful faces and spirited nature as I think back upon this experience. 1 will watch to see which 
of you will negotiate world peace, find the cure to AIDS, invent the next technological wonder, or choose the 
honorable profession of teaching as your special way of making a difference in the world. In the meantime. 
remember these words about what it means to be at peace. 


It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. 

It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. " 

Best wishes to each of you as you proceed upon your path of adulthood. May you find and share peace 
with others now and always. 


Wanda Speede 
Acting Vice Principal 











McBride, Michelle 

McFadden, Sandra 

McNitt, Susan 



Mederios, James 

Mirow, Sheila 

Morgan, Debbie 

Morreale, Frank 

Mullen, Joanne 

O'Connell, Gordon 

Fontaine, Pierre 

The 'Peopfe... The Stories... The 'fyheriences 

Administarion and Faculty 

yjc,JL two 


O'Meara, Trish Owens, Marie Paez, AnaMaria 


Sullivan, Gloria Sullivan, Laura Sung, Anita 

Sweenev, Richard Tavares. Matt 

'Rfin/ofpf) Tiiaf) School-Oracle 

Administration and Faculty 

Wade, Frances 

Walker, Marv Ann 

Weiand, Ed 

Weisberg, Toby 

Wheeler, Jim 

The feohie... The Stories... The 'fyheriences 


'Rpndofhh 7-(ia£> Scfioof-Oracfe 

Baby Devils 

Angel Beato 

Anita Tse 

Brenda Phan 

The 1?eofj(e...The stories... The Tzpheriences 


Baby Devils 

Chrissv Bonanno 

Cvnthia Mirville 


'Rpndolhh "Uian School-Oracle 

Baby Devils 

Geraldine Soto 

Grace Mamo 

The 'People... The Stories... The 'fyheriences 


Baby Devils 

Jennie Mathew 

Jennifer Mitchel 


Rand&tyh High Schevi-Oracfe 


Baby Devils 

Kelly Colbath 

Khari Riguer 

The Pedpk.Thc SPMCL.The Experiences 


Baby Devils 

Michael Belskv 

Randefpk High SchvoC-Oracfe 


Baby Devils 

Nicole Messina 

Nina DaSilveira 

Pat Lvdon 

Raymond Lore 

Rebecca Zamanskv 

Redgvah Matheus 

Ricky Brewer 


Baby Devils 

Talisha Copland 

Tayla Grande 

Willie Glover-Barbosa 


fifmdofhfi 7-hah $cfioo(~Qmc(e 

Our r-tiwe AX ftH£» 

The 'People,. . The Stories... The Ijcheriences 

'Randofhf) 7-iiah School- Oracle 


The 'People.. . The Stories... The Experiences 



'Randolph T-fiafi School-Oracle 

The 'People... The Stories... The Jz^heriences 


The 'People... The Stories... The Tzpperiemes 


The 1?eoh(e... 'Tine Stories... The Tjcheriences 





"Randolhl T-dak School-Oracle 

The People... The Stories... The HMemnces 


^J l,J 1 1 

P%? l m 


^r 4 

r 1 



'Rpriciolhfi T-iiah Sctioof-Oracfe 

The 'People... The Stories... The 'fyheriences 


'Rpndofhfi 7-(iqt) School-Oracle 

Teacher Superlatives 


Mr. Leonard & Ms. Beagan 

Most Creative 

Mr. O'Connell & Ms. 

Most Demanding 

Mr. Kaplan & Ms. Mirrow 




Mr. Kaplan & Ms. Scoza 

Most Opinionated 

Mr. Kaplan & Ms. Stauss 


Mr. Ealden & Ms. Lellock 


Mr. Sousa & Ms. Lellock 

The 1?eoh(e... The Stories... The "fyheriences 


Standout Seniors 

Mike Belsky 
Cynthia Fabien 


Class Clowns 

Greg Toussaint 

Kristen Malcom 



Marc Pitler 

Anita Tse 



Jon Ng 


Asha Ramsey 

The 'Peopfe... The stories... The 'Experiences 



Chris Veiga 


Nakeisha Gervais 


r~~ — r 


Eric Gladstone 

Kelly Colbath 


'Rundown 7-(iqh School-Oracle 


Henry Rodrigues 


Asha Ramsey 




Derrick Harper 


Diane Tan 


Tfie 'People... 7"f}e Stories... "The type Hemes 



Best Dresed 

Gerrel Olivier 


Melissa Leferve 







J , 

Best Eyes 

j , 

Willie Barbosa 

Talia Zamanian 

l^ndofpfi 7-(iafi Scftoof-Oracfe 


Best Smile 

Carlton Cristian 

Jocelyn Mauro 


* i * 


Best Personality 

Eric Durham 

Jenny Chen 


The "Peohfe... The Stories... The fyperiences 


Best Couple 

Marc Pitler 


His C 



Best Dancer 

Kenny Allien 





Ifyw/ofpf) Tiiafi Scfioof-Oracfe 

Best Hair 

Chris Ng 

Kayla Kiley 


■ i 

Most Athletic 


i — i ' 

i Thomas Trull 


1 & 

' Hilary MacDonald 



■J r 

Most Outgoing 



Ebony McDowell 


1 I 


1 , * 

T L 


J — - 

Most Opinionated 

^ashad Cudjoe 


Alexandra Fi 

1<£mdo[hft "Uiafi School-Oracle 


Most Flirtatious 


Orlando Lopez 

Chenise Singleton 


i ■ i 


J— r 



Most likely to Succeed 

Chris Leung 

Alanah G 




The IPeohfe... The Stories... The "fyperiences 


-I i 

Most Spirited 

Preetam Sen 

Amanda Felix 


Most Creative 

Obina David 
Sarah Bourgeois 

Hjmdolhh 7-fiqti Scftoof-Oracfe 

— — r 

Most Musica 

Andrew Campanella 

Naomi Zepher 



Invo ve 



David Burke 

Katrina Monkarsh 

The fteofofe... The Stories... The 'fyheriences 





'R&nclolhh 1-liah School-Oracle 

CkA&> awJl OppSbcpbu^ 


'Rpndofhfi 7-baf) Scftoo(~Omc(e 





The Randolph Drama Club is more than just an average drama club; the 
Drama Club is a way of life. Drama Club members spend countless hours 
at rehearsals, theater exercises, and fund-raisers for the purpose of making 
a "dramatic moment" The Drama Club not only is a showcase for perform- 
ers, but those who are artistically and technically inclined. Each member of 
the Drama Club gives more than one-hundred and ten percent to ensure 
that each and every performance is flawless. 

A Capella 

The talented members of the A Capaella Choir must pass a prerequisite 
singing and theory test in order to be accepted into the class/ Their perfor- 
mances have been as spontaneous as strolling throughout the school singing 
holiday songs for faculty and students as well as outside local businesses 
during Music Booster fundraising. The A Capella Choir works diligently 
at each practice in order to continually exceed the expectations of all it 
performs for. 



mean American 


The purpose of the African-American Club is to spread awareness of African, 
African- American, and Caribbean cultures. The club promotes cultural and 
ethnic diversity, acceptance, tolerance, and enlightenment of our school and 
community at large. Through this effort, the African-American Club hopes 
to influence the students of Randolph High in a positive manner. 

Amnesty International 

"A letter written is a life saved" is the theme of Amnesty International. 
The goals of the Amnesty International Club are to help those who are 
wrongfully punished and to rally against tyranny and oppression. Amnesty 
International gives liberty and justice to those silenced by despotic govern- 
ments by contributing numerous letters and petitions to Amnesty International 
USA. The letters are in turn sent to presidents, government of "dais and 
generals. The Amnesty International gives those who have been muted 
the chance to have a voice to speak and be heard. 

The *Peop(e...The Stories... The 'Experiences 


Asian Club 

The Asian Club strives to be a cultural resource for Randolph's diverse yc 
population. The Asian Club endeavors to learn about various cultures 
to share this knowledge with others. To spread awareness of other culture 
the Asian Club hosts creative performances every year at Asian Night, 
event that has been newly collaborated with the African American 
to form Afrasian Night. The main goal of the Asian Club is to help ban^ 
stereotypes by embracing the world community and to label everyc 
under one Title: Images of Humanity. 

Best Buddies 

The purpose of Best Buddies is to provide the opportunity for frienc 
matching "buddy pairs" between mainstream students^end special educatia 
students. Students are given the opportunity to make new friends, eqj(| 
new experiences, and have an impact on each others' lives. 

Chess Club 

The chess club meets every week to play chess and learn new strategic 
that will improve their game. Though the chess club is small and seeming^ 
unnoticeable, they are making great strides in recruiting new members ar* 
have developed a strong foundation of chess players. Chess is a garr 
that requires much needed concentration and diligence. 


Environmental Club 

The RHS Environmental Club works toward promoting awareness of currer 
environmental issues to the school and to the community. The goal of fl 
Environmental Club is to improve the local and global environment. 
Environmental Club encourages respect towards nature and the conserve 
of our natural resources. The club acknowledges the possible consequent 
of a world without environmental concern and "ghts_io accomplish tl 
difficult goal of informing an often indifferent society. 


*R0nc(o(hfi "Uiak Scfioof-Qmcfe 


French Club 

ne French Club seeks to advocate French culture throughout the yeat 
t Randolph High School. French foods, such as crepes and bonbons, are 
)ld by the club for funding The dub concsists of a group of students who 
>ve and appreciate the language. They also learned to enjoy differnet 
spects of the culture. They work toward the goal of cultural enrichment 
id improve "uency in forieign languages. 


Tomorrow's Teachers Club 

e goal of the Tommorow's Treachers Club is to prepare students who 
ant to become teachers after college. These students are intelligent and 
fedicated to the profession and realize the hard work ihat goes into 
aching. This club allows us to see the young, vibrant students who are 
iger to become teachers, they are in^uenced by the Randolph High School 
xhers and want to make in difference in peoples' lives 

Gay Staighf Alliance 

; GSA strives to celebrate diversity, to defuse homophobia, and to break 
wn the walls of intolerance and prejudice by educating the students of 
S on gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues. Although membership is strictly 
i^tdential. over the years the GSA has increased its visibility within the 
ool. The GSA meets once a week and welcomes students of every 
ual orientation. 


Mock Trial 

goal of the Mock Trial Team is to assist students in developing their 
:ai thinking skills, their understanding of the judicial process, and their 
ty to present themselves in a public and competent manner. The program 
es students in a simulated courtroom situation where they must assume 
roles in a hypothetical case. The team practices for hours all Fall in 
sr to be prepared to compete against other schools in February. 



The "Peohfe... The Stories... The 'Experiences 




'Rjmt/ofpf) 7-iiah Scftoof-Omcfe 

National Honor Society 

Scholarship, leadership, service, and character are the four pillars c 
NHS. The NHS conducts monthly service projects to bene't the school i 
local communities One of its major contributions is the recycling progrc 
conducted weekly within Randolph High School. Other projects incli 
volunteering at the Randolph Halloween Parade, and the Rorary Club'j 
Breakfast with Santa. The program produced for the induction cer« 
in May summarizes these events. 

Photography Club 

The Photography Club is dedicated to capturing special memories anc 
enhancing their artistic abilities with a camera. Thrflbgh the use of pho 
tography, the club hopes to develop their own individual perspectives p 
the world around them. 


As a student-run organization, the Randolph Blue and White Banner is made 
possible through the hard work of dedicated writers and publishers v<H 
donate their free time to reporting the news that matters. The newspaoer' 
staff this year consists of many active staff members of all grade levels aj 
well as several free-lance writers. In order to produce an edition of 
paper, the editors work with one another to ensure that all articles coir 
with the Blue and White Banner's reputation of effective news rec : 
This year, the Blue and White banner continues to uphold its missioq^M 
maintaining a tradition of journalistic excellence at Randolph HigbJkfrooL 

Spanish Club 

The goal of the Spanish Club is to increase knowledge and interest in the 
culture of Spanish speaking countries as well as further teach the 
language to its club members and others that are interested. The dub ' 
tin's through social events such as banquets where founds x)f spanishl 
latino banquets are served. 


Literary Magazine 

he Literary Magazine seeks to encourage and publish original voices from 
in poetry, short fiction, and prose. The goal of the Literary Magazine 
to publish one or two compilations of student writing per year and to 
-ther develop the writing-craft of regular members. Young writers are 
couraged to develop their strengths and explore new types of writing 
ith which they may be less familiar. 

Math Club 

3 RHS Math Team competes in the Southeastern Mathematics League, 
de of twenty-four schools. Randolph has continued its tradition of excel- 
ce for the past ten years, placing in the top ^ve schools in the league. 
a 2004-2005 Math Team strives to continue this streak. 


; mission of the Students Against Destructive Decisions is to provide 
Jents with the best possible tools for prevention and intervention of 
tructive decision-making regarding drug and. alcohol use and driving 
ler the influence. S.AD.D. members sign a contract to best communicate 
n others the dangers of these potentially destructive decisions 


T. is a group of students who meet on Fridays to paint and restore murals 
ughout the school. A.R.T. is composed of some amazingly talented artists 

spend weeks planning and designing a mural. With every piece of 
•ork the group creates, they hope to make the school a brighter place 

a more positive learning environment 


The Peopfe... The Stories... The r fyheriemes 


'Rundown "Uiah School-Oracle 

Peer Leadership 

The Peer Leaders provide underclassmen with education regarding domestic 
and teen dating violence. Peer Leaders model positive behaviors, sucH 
as good decision making skills and positive behavior both in and out 01 
school. The group has three days of training before conducting two c* 
three sessions of educating students within RHS. 

Peer Mediation 

Peer Mediators is students helping students. Peer Mediators are ava : 
to help students arrive at a positive solution to the* .problems, but Peer* 
Mediators are not able to in'uence any action or give any advice but tc 
solely lead students in the right direction to resolving their conflid h s 
the f.rst year Peer Mediators has been aiding the student body and has 
promise for a successful future. 


The Student Academic Leadership Society is composed of freshme- 
sophomores who were members of the National Junior Honor Soael 
The members develop their leadership skills through their various a 
designed to help the school and the community. The organizatic : ' 
is to provide its members with the necessary experience to meet the c 
in the National Honor Society. 





v - 




The Oracle, or Randolph High School's yearbook, is a treasured keepsake to all who buy it. 
To make a yearbook requires much hard work and a large, dedicated staff. The staff is 
divided into two parts: The Literary Staff and the Business Staff. The Literary Staff works 
countless hours laying out pages, taking photographs, and meeting deadlines. The Business 
Staff is responsible for collecting advertisements, collecting yearbook payments, and meeting 
all financial deadlines the yearbook has. All together, to work on the Oracle requires much 
dedication, responsibility, and most importantly, time. 



The "People... The Stories... The r fyheriemes 


Student Council 

The Student Council is a student government organization with the members whoa re elected 
by popular vote by each candidate's class. In addition to those elected by popular vote, 
there are members appointed to the council due to outstanding leadership qualities. Ex-of'cio 
members include class officers, representatives of the school committee, and regional and state 
officers. The mission of the Student Council is to represent the student body, to promote spirit 
within the school and to perform community service within our community and surrounding com- 
munities. The members of the Student Council learn valuable leadership skills from one another 
and through training that will be valuable in the future. 


Executive Board 




S.A.C. |£jjj 

School Committee Rep 

'Randolph 7-(iah School-Oracle 






■ - -iB 

_^pH v JIB t 1*' 9' *r9i 








77?e 1Peoh(e... The Stories... The Experiences 


H&ndoihh TJiafi Scftoof-Oracfe 

ih(e...7%e Stories... The lyheriences 


[*^p jk 

"People.. . Tfie Stories'... The Experiences 

feohfe... "The Stories.,, The Experiences 

'Peohfe... The Stories.., The "Experiences 

1?eof>(e... Tfte Stories... The Experiences 



mr % 


Peohfe... The Stories... The JzMeriences 

'People. . . The Stories... The 'Experiences 



7£< ^ndolfih 7tyf> Sfffoof-Oi 


Tfte PeoftL. The Stories... Tfte 'Experiences 



Tfte "People.,. Tfte Stories... The fyheriences 



i l 1\p 




tough" '^ ^ M 

Dear Class of 2006, * V 

Congratulations youmade it. It has been a long and treacherous road but 
together we made it through. I am not much for goodbyes I find them too sad, so I 
will just be cliche and say see ya later.Because I will(yes my sentence starts with 
because so deal). I will see you later when you become who you are supposed to be, 

whether you becomethe next president of the United States or the Kanye West. 
What ever it is your plan to do and where ever you plan to go I wish you the best of 

luck. I knowl will be seeingyou guys around so till next time. . ."side by side or 
miles apart true friends are always close at heart" 

\ts ^ e re 


David Burke 
Editor In Chief 2006 

(Come find me and I will reaty sign it) 



"this is only the begining" 


° Ptrf. 

The 'Peo/ofe... The Stories.., The TzMeriences 


Todd A. Sandler, Inc., REALTORS 




536 North Main Street 

Randolph MA 02368 


www. toddsandler. com 

664 South Main 81. 
Randolph, MA 02368 


Loam & Pine Bark Muteh 

o\fefeon landscaping 

mi me of 

toddnQ * iiflfcaofMnoB 



Of**"'** 01 *"' 
Academy Of bonce 

Tap - Jazz - Ballet - Pointe 
Beginner to Advanced - Child thru Adult 

Joan Ward 
Sandi Benttey 
Jackie Avery 

59 Pleasant Street 
Randolph MA 02368 
(781) 963-6671 
(508) 583-3328 


Williams Automotive 




R- A- H 

45 Diauto Drive 
Randolph. MA 02368 



FAX (781) 963-1447 

('wtflAiiHi nJu/i in • /Miti' Ojcuv 


ConqratulatiorTsxlass-of 2006 

You've qraduated! \ 

pita chips 

Our pita chips are healthy, natural, delicious; 
and they are made riqht here in Randolph. 


ACADEMY a^t***** 1 * 

Academy Of Donee 

Tap - Jazz - Ballet - Pointc 
Beginner to Advanced - Child thru Adult 

Joan Ward 
Standi Bentley 
Jackie Avery 

59 Pleasant Street 
Randolph MA 02366 
(761) 963-6671 
(506) 583-3328 










■ ssssi 



IO to 

8 • I 

•S & 1 

Cm TT S 

SO «s .s 

Z . N -a 

«" cl 5 

2 © 

° 2 1 

* S 


O O i; 
<0 UJ Hl 

°" -s * 

5* _ CO 

•p £ co 

"D ° S 

iJ Q TO 
U. " Q) 


The more things change, 

the more they 

remain the same. 

TEL: 781-961-366C 
FAX: 781-961-3677 


» HarborOne 

CrrJit I 'mint 


Better banking for our community. 
1 .800.244.7592 | 

fHpnnei l*jtn*i **ne 
i«*M ««h#arc» p>Ote«jBd bv 



Vik Shah 

23 Memorial Parkway 
Randolph, HA 02368 



Ghrveet 7t>emoric& 

bridal & 'CTuxedo© 

Formal Wear and Flower Shop 
Expert Alterations 

Phones 781 -767-6040 


20 Short Street 
Randolph. MA 02368 

Annie's Book Stop 

Today's Books at Yesterday's Price 

322 North Main Street 

Sudbury Farms Plaza 

Randolph, MA 02368 



The Randolph Police 


-Local 511- 

Congratulates the 
Class of 2006 

41 South Main Street 
Randolph, MA 02368 



CongratuCations Chss 

of 2006 

We are Proud Of all Your 

ifr Sudbury Farms 

300 North Street, Randolph 




two t How sand six 

two thoilsand 

: wo ho m > a. nd six 

two thoB;and six 

two thclland 



two thoilsand six 

tholland s 
holliand six 
hoilFsand six 
thoilsand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 



two thoilsand 
two thoilsand 
t wo t Ho M ^ a nd 

two thoB.and s 
two thclland 

thousand s 
thousand s 
thousand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 
thousand six 




AndiwBee'WL * 



• • 


• • • 


Frm Page Headlines - Global • 

Science and nature 

- Human Interest 

- Fashion 



' '■'"■ f?' 

• *p ' 


t. —- r 








' Srlr, ■ 

R Cjuvafi" AP.Wirtp Wnrlrt Phn 

LiiesmiE - Movies * television • Music - Fnienainmem • Sports • Faces 


r ^ 



Mario Tama/Getty Images 


September 22, 2005 

▲ j 


October 24, 2005 


Hurricanes ravage the Gulf Coast region in the tall of 2005, posing an unprecedented test of 
the United States federal emergency response efforts. Hundreds of lives are lost and thousands 
I are left homeless in the wake of Category 4 Hurricane Katrina, followed by Rita and Wilma. 
The tragedy spurs contributions of money, talents, homes, food and more in an attempt to 
raise spirits and rebuild the area. 


25 Hurricane Katrina strikes Florida. 


28 Mandatory evacuation of both New Orleans 
and Mississippi is ordered as Katrina becomes | 
a Category 5 storm in the Gulf of Mexico. 

29 Downgraded to a Category 4 storm. Katrina 
hits land. 1.3 million homes and businesses 
lose electricity in Louisiana. Mississippi and 
Alabama. 30 levees are breeched, flooding 
New Orleans and leaving 100.000 people 
stranded. After slow government response. 
civil unrest and looting begins 

31 President Bush surveys the damage. 

1 30.000 National Guard troops are deployed. 
Gas prices spike to as high as S5 per gallon. 

2 President Bush visits Louisiana and signs 
a $10.5 billion relief bill Nearly 154,000 
evacuees arrive in Texas 

4 The New Orleans Superdome is evacuated. 

6 President Bush and Congress pledge to 
investigate the flawed disaster response 

9 Government-issued debit cards are 
distributed to evacuees. The program fails 
and is ended days later. 

12 Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency 
Management Agency, resigns. Flooding is 
down to 50 percent in New Orleans. 

14 New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announces 
a phased repopulation plan. 

15 New Orleans begins to reopen. Katrina is named 
the most destructive hurricane in U.S. history. | 

20 Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco 
declares a state of emergency as 
Hurricane Rita strengthens off the coast. 

22 Rita hits the Louisiana coast and heads 
for Texas. 

23 Thousands evacuate eastern Texas and the 
9th Ward of New Orleans floods once again 
after levees are overrun. 




\J\ • 






L-* '"MP^SJ, 





H ii 




• • 


< Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco. 
President Bush and New Orleans Mayor Ray 
Nagin survey the damage in New Orleans. 

Thousands of Louisiana evacuees receive shelter and 
medical care in the Astrodome in Houston. Texas. 


IT TMnr r i Htiw ;v He*< - 

Many animals left behind during 
evacuation are rescued and given 
shelter or reunited with their owners. 

I Ojmiin Oovaiganes A D Wide ^B 


\ « * 


^ fe 


L ~ 


■ * VI 

T^ ft ^ J^^^^^^J 


§1# "^ 

24 Hurricane Wilma hits southwest Florida. 

Homes across the country 
are opened to families left 
homeless in the wake of 
Hurricane Katrina. 

Thousands of volunteers help 
Habitat for Humanity rebuild 
homes in Louisiana. Mississippi 
and Alabama. 

■*■ Three months after Katrina 
strikes, the first New Orleans 
public school reopens on 
November 28. 

▼ On October 15. Iraqi voters ratify a 
US-supported draft constitution that 
establishes a federal state. A second 
election, in December, creates the 
new government's first parliament. 

Several airlines declare 
bankruptcy due to huge fuel, 
labor and security costs. 
Passengers see fees for pillows, 
aisle seats and more as carriers 
seek new revenue sources 

During rush hour on July 7, 
London is hit by terrorist 
attacks. Bombs strike one 
bus as well as the city's 
underground trains, leaving 56 
people dead and 700 injured. 

■*■ John G. Roberts Jr becomes 
the 17th Chief Justice of the 
United States Supreme Court 
following the death of William 

■*■ Violence in Iraq continues to cost lives. Since the 
war began in March 2003, over 27.700 Iraqi civilians 
and 2,300 coalition troops have died. 



Gasoline prices surge in September 
before falling back to pre-hurricane 
levels. Major oil companies face 
federal questioning after revealing 
profits of over $35 billion during 
this period. 

► A devastating 7.6-magnitude 
earthquake hits the Kashmir 
region of Pakistan in October, 
killing 87.000 and leaving 
3.5 million homeless 

In January 2006. Ellen 
Johnson-Sirleaf is sworn 
in as Liberia's president, 
making her Africa's first 
elected female leader. 

Vice President Dick Cheney's 
top aide I. Lewis "Scooter" 
Libby resigns after being 
indicted in October on criminal 
charges relating to the leaking 
of a CIA officer's identity. 










\ H 





W^ A 

> s 






*" y 


Despite his years of anti-gang 
advocacy while in prison, on 
December 13, former Crips 
gang leader Stanley Tookie" 
Williams is executed by lethal 
injection for four 1979 murders. 

Methamphetamine use becomes a national 
crisis as meth-related crimes skyrocket on the 
West Coast and in the Midwest. Pharmacies 
remove pseudophedrine products from shelves 
in an effort to control meth production. 


*■ On January 2. 2006. an explosion at the Sago Mine 
in Tallmansville. West Virginia, traps 13 miners 
260 feet below the surface. Sadly, only one of the 
miners is pulled out alive. 


► In October, former Iraqi dictator Saddam 
Hussein goes on trial in Baghdad, pleading 
innocent to the murder and torture charges 
against him 




m *»•»•■* ^^1 



-A — 

Hoping to restart the peace 
process with the Palestinians. 
Israel evacuates the Gaza Strip, 
an area it has occupied since 
the 1967 Six-Day War. 

Civil unrest rocks France as more than 
300 towns and suburbs explode with 
riots and arson. High unemployment, 
racial discrimination and rage are 
blamed for the outbreaks. 

and nature 

" A global pandemic is feared as the avian 
flu claims 73 lives in Asia by the end of 
December and threatens to spread across 
the world. 

A After seven years and 2.88 A The American Dental Association 

billion miles. NASA's Stardust 
capsule returns to earth carrying 
dust particles from the tail of the 
comet Wild 2. Scientists believe 
the samples hold clues to the 
formation of the Solar System. 

Bogdan Cnstel/Reuters/Corbis 

cites bottled water and its lack of 
fluoride as a major contributing 
factor in the rise of tooth decay 
in children. 

■* According to recent research, 
chocolate can be a healttiy 
treat thanks to its high content 
of flavonoids. which help maintain 
good circulation and reduce 
blood clotting. 


II Trastuzumab 

With Diluent 

440 mg 


Multi-<Jose Vial 

Genentech. Inc 



ySiawtSSI •»°»ojtatic *»*» 


^ LOT 43 


A vaccine that may potentially fight recurring 
cancer cells is successfully tested on 14 
breast cancer survivors. It is hailed as the 
first step toward preventing the disease. 

NASA TV/AP/Wide World Photos 


■* The Sichuan Wolong Panda 
Protection and Breed Center in 
China deals with a baby boom — 
16 pandas, including five sets of 
twins, are born between July and 
November 2005. 

► In August, U.S. astronaut Stephen 
Robinson successfully completes 
an unprecedented emergency repair 
of the space shuttle Discovery while 
in orbit. 

•4 % 

Hikers scaling Mount Mendel 
Glacier in California discover 
the remains of Leo Mustonen. 
a World War II airman whose 
plane crashed in 1942. 

■*• U.S. scientist Gregory Olsen 
pays S20 million for a trip 
to the International Space 
Station aboard the Russian 
Soyuz spacecraft. 

Persons of the Year 

... n i|> \\M\HIIW* 

The ruins of what may be the 
oldest Christian church, built 
in the third or fourth century 
A.D., are discovered on the 
grounds of Megiddo Prison in 
northern Israel in November. 


Anticipating the G8 summit in July. Bob Geldof 
organizes musicians for a series of concerts 
around the world to highlight the problem of 
global poverty. 

< Bill Gates, Bono and Melinda Gates are named TIME'S Persons of 
the Year for their efforts to battle poverty, AIDS and malaria in Africa. 

Hoamay Famly Photo APYMe Worid Ptwtos 


« Natalee Holloway. 
an 1 8-year-old from 
Birmingham. Alabama, 
becomes the lead 
story for every major 
news outlet after her 
disappearance while 
vacationing in Aruba. 

MONDAY, MAY 29, 2005 1:30AM 




5*4" 110 LBS. 1 8 YEARS OLD 


PLEASE CALL 587-6222 

< In August. American anti-Iraq War activist Cindy Sheehan. 
whose son Casey was killed in action in 2003. holds an 
extended demonstration at a peace camp outside 
President George W Bush's Texas ranch. 

4 Everywhere you look A From preppy to vintage looks. -» Cowboy boots see a rise 
this year sparkle is in vests make a D0| d statement in popularity, and not just 

with teen girls. 

in the fall ot 2005. 

for line dancers and country 
music fans. 

W f m 


•»• The "hoodie" is a staple 
in most teens' wardrobes. 

► Blazers with a retro fit make a 
big splash on the fashion scene. 


w Flip-flops are considered a fashion necessity, not just casual footwear. 


• • 



* Style gets a 


dose of fun 

over formal 

with these 


unique fashion 




Shops that help you prepare 
meals to freeze, take home 
and cook offer a fun, quick 
and easy mealtime solution 
for busy moms. 

Pets receive the royal 
treatment with gourmet pet 
foods, available in upscale pet 
food shops, pet food bakeries 
and even ice cream parlors. 

Due to high gas prices, 
consumers opt for smaller 
cars with better gas mileage 
rather than gas-guzzling SUVs. 

w The popularity of poker on television results 
in one of the biggest fads of the year — home 
Texas Hold 'Em tournaments. 

."' " 


f. f^/ Ron Kirty'L 



2* • ■ \ 


Podcasts, free broadcast-format audio files 
published to the Internet and downloaded to 
iPods by subscription, are a hip way to keep 



MyPyramid gov 



• blog 


m , bloo about star w.r. 



about me 

The new food pyramid recommends 
that kids eat more fruits, vegetables 
and whole grains than in the past, 
and exercise 30 to 60 minutes 
each day. 

•*• Blogs become the biggest Web 
craze since the inception of 
the Internet thanks to sites like and 

Praised by critics and audiences alike. 
Peter Jackson's remake of the 1933 
classic King Kong becomes a giant 
box-office success 

Golden Globe Best Actress 
nominee Keira Knightley 
shines in the hit movie Pride 
and Prejudice, based on the 
1813 Jane Austen novel 

A Moviegoers rush to see March of 
the Penguins, a surprise hit 
documentary that follows a year in the 
life of a flock of Emperor penguins. 

* The boy who lived returns 
for more adventure in the 
fourth movie installment of 
the Harry Potter series. Harry 
Potter and the Goblet of Fire 



The life of the late Johnny Cash is the basis 
of the Golden Globe-winning Walk the Line. 
starring Best Actor winner Joaquin Phoenix 
as Cash. 








* Box-office profits are down 
in 2005. due in part to the 
trend of movie fans opting 
for the quick release of hit 
movies on DVD 

► The beloved C S Lewis series 
comes to life on the big screen 
in Walt Disney's The Chronicles 
of Narnia The Lion, the Witch 
and the Wardrobe 

Best Picture 

Academy Award 


Brokeback Mountain 



Good Night, and Good Luck 


Geena Davis receives 
approval as television's 
female President of the United 
States in one of the year's 
best new shows, ABC's 
"Commander in Chief." 

Based on the childhood of 
comedian Chris Rock, UPN's 
"Everybody Hates Chris" is a hit. 

Doctor "McDreamy," also 
known as Dr. Sheperd, and 
the rest of the staff at Seattle 
Grace Hospital achieve 
healthy ratings in ABC's 
"Grey's Anatomy." 

Viewers can't get enough of ABC's "Lost. 
The show earns a Golden Globe for Best 
TV Series Drama and spawns countless 
fan speculation sites. 

NiC/Counesv Everett Collection I 

NBC finds a new hit comedy with the 
quirky story of a man in search of 
redemption, "My Name is Earl." 

< Surprisingly 
high DVD sales 
influence FOX to 
bring back the 
formerly canceled 
cult favorite 
"Family Guy." 

'■; 20th Ceitlw/ Fox _ 

< America's No. 1 rated show for 
2005 is the CBS crime drama 
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 

2006 reo 

Choice Nominations 

lor Favorite Reality 

Show competition 


"Survivor" (CBS) 

w Green Day tops off a career year 
with seven MTV Video Music Awards, 
including Best Video of the Year 
for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." 

With Late Registration, Kanye 
West maintains his status as 
hip-hop's top dog. landing on 
top of Rolling Stones Top 50 
Albums of 2005. 

■*• Reggaeton. which blends 
influences of hip-hop, Jamaican 
reggae and dancehall with Latin 
American bomba and plena, 
reaches its height in popularity 
in 2005. 

Seattle indie favorites Death 
Cab for Cutie break into the 
mainstream with the album 
Plans and "Directions," a 
series of 12 short films. 

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/Corbis 

2006 Best neuu Artist 

Grammy nominations 

• Ciara 

• Fall Out Boy 
' Keane 

• John Legend 
' Sugarland 





Nintendo DS owners can now 
be virtual dog owners as well, 
thanks to the wildly popular 
Nintendogs series. 



-*■ J.K. Rowling releases yet 
another bona fide best-seller 
with Harry Potter and the 
Half -Blood Prince. 


The Star Wars franchise 
remains a juggernaut in the 
videogame industry with the 
winter release of Star Wars 
Battlefront II. 

Gamers wait in line for hours to get their 
hands on the year's hottest holiday video 
game console, Microsoft's Xbox 360. 


f V 


The addictive numbers logic puzzle. Su Doku. 
captures the attention of crazed puzzlers 
across the nation. 


< The classic game 
of 20 Questions 
gets a makeover 
for 2005 with the 
artificial intelligence 
powered 20Q, 
one of this year's 
hottest toys. 

i Music videos and TV shows 
are accessible on the go with 
the newest must-have item 
from Apple, the iPod with video 


In June, the San Antonio Spurs win the 2005 
NBA Championship over the Detroit Pistons 
in a thrilling seven-game Finals series. Spurs 
forward Tim Duncan wins MVP honors. 

In February 2006, tigure 
skater Sasha Cohen leads 
the U.S. Olympic Team into 
the XX Olympic Winter 
Games in Torino, Italy. 

Danica Patrick, 23-year-old 
race driver, wins Rookie of the 
Year honors in both the Indy 
Racing League's IndyCar 
Series and at the Indianapolis 
500. where she finishes fourth 

Citing conduct unbecoming 
to the team, the Philadelphia 
Eagles suspend wide receiver 
Terrell Owens for four games 
and deactivate him for the 
remainder of the NFL season 



■*■ The Pittsburgh Steelers hold off the Seattle Seahawks 
for a 21-10 victory in Super Bowl XL. Future Hall of 
Famer Jerome "The Bus" Bettis retires after the game 




at ♦;♦♦*«; 



v v 




NHL hockey returns in fall 2005 
after losing the entire 04-05 
season to a labor dispute. Fans 
flock to see players in new 
uniforms and exciting innovations 
like tie-breaking shootouts. 

► Hawaiian golf phenom Michelle 
Wie turns professional on her 16th 
birthday and signs endorsements 
worth $10 million, making her 
one of the highest paid female 
athletes in the world. 

In November. WWE superstar 
Eddie Guerrero dies of heart 
failure In 2004, Guerrero was 
only the second wrestler ot 
Hispanic heritage to win the 
WWE championship 

■*■ American Lance Armstrong 
wins his unprecedented 
seventh Tour de France in 
July Armstrong then retires 
from competitive cycling 

■*• BMX supeistai Dave Miira wins 
the gold medal in the BMX Park 
Finals of X Games XI 

▼ Longhorns quarterback Vince Young 
leads Texas to a national championship 
with a dramatic 41-38 comeback victory 
over USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl. 


** '.' 

J* - 

*■ After an 88-year wait, the Chicago White Sox win 
the 2005 World Series, sweeping the Houston 
Astros in four games White Sox right fielder 
Jermaine Dye is named Series MVP. 


Bush UPiLanduv John Sommersfieutefs/Corbis 

f* V 

I v 

* <#:'£«> 






I I i Two-time champion Tony Stewart 
wins NASCAR's Nextel Cup Series 
and a record $13 6 million in 
winnings in 2005 Stewart's 
career Cup earnings now total 
over $48 million 

Swiss tennis superstar Roger 
Federer wins two Grand Slam 
titles, at Wimbledon and the 
US. Open, along with all four 
ATP Masters Series events 





▼ Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks dies at 92 in 
Detroit. Parks' refusal in 1955 to give up her 
seat on an Alabama bus eventually led to laws 
desegregating public transportation nationally. 

Beloved "Gilligan's Island- 
funnyman Bob Denver dies 
of cancer at 70. Afthough only 
98 episodes of the popular 
sitcom were made. Denver was 
typecast as the nutty Gilligan 
his entire career. 

■*• Kristin Cavallari, featured 
on the MTV reality show 
"Laguna Beach." becomes 
one of Hollywood's hottest 
young personalities. 

Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang 
shines in the lead role of 
Sayuri in the film adaptation 
of the acclaimed Arthur Golden 
novel Memoirs of a Geisha. 




Actor Tom Cruise. 43. makes headlines all year with his controversial 
views on psychiatry, his new love, actress Katie Holmes, and his couch 
gymnastics on CBS's "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and NBC's "Tonight 
Show with Jay Leno." 

► Actor-comedian Richard Pryor dies at 65 in 
December. Pryor s concerts and movies in the 
70s and '80s inspired performers like Eddie 
Murphy. Arsenio Hall and Robin Williams. 

*» <* 

•*■ Peter Jennings, anchor of ABC s 
"World News Tonight." dies of lung 
cancer in August. The popular TV 
journalist held the anchor position 
for 22 years. 


Coretta Scott King, legendary 
civil rights advocate and 
widow of the Rev. Martin 
Luther King Jr.. dies in 
January 2006. She v/as 78. 

S 2006 Jostens. Inc. 05-0645(1834) 





V \ 




IT *